Online Schedule Entry System

The Online Schedule system has simplified and speeded up the process of gathering class entries for exhibitors at the local annual produce show: The Aldermaston & Washing Show.

The show’s website still carries PDF documents listing all the classes that exhibitors can enter.  But this means the exhibitors have to download the PDF, print it, fill it in, and then return it to the local village stores for collection by the show’s organisers.

The online system allows the same classes to be entered but, of course, is easier to use and removes the need to have to get to the village stores.

There are obvious environmental benefits using an e-form, but it also saves the organisers having to collect the entries, process them (transpose the entrant’s detail and all their classes to entry forms).  This is all done through a single click of the Export button of the Online System.

The application is written in PHP, utilising the Bootstrap framework making it responsive and mobile friendly.

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